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Solace Wellness brings you their professional, licensed, and vetted counselors to help you achieve best therapy results.

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Assessment & Screening

At Solace Wellness, we help you discover your mental health through diagnosis and screening

Culturally Specific Treatment
Corporate Focused Therapy

The most comprehensive employee assistance program in Malaysia, designed to address significant life problems.

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Therapy Delivery

We use safe and secure technologies to deliver private and group sessions for our clients at Solace Wellness

Solace Asia Rehab Malaysia

Solace Wellness is brought to you by Solace Asia, Malaysia's first accredited mental health facility.

Which means you're in great hands with the best clinical team who come with years of experience treating patients in South East Asia.

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What our clients have to say about our Therapy:

“You're brilliant and well worth the money. I should joined years ago. Having a therapist at is so powerful and useful when you have chronic mental health issues.”

“Very loving and caring, has helped me a lot with changing my lifestyle and being able to communicate with people.”

“The entire clinical staff is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The counselors focused on the deepest issues I had and came up with a personal plan for me to tackle them.”


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You are with some of the best in Clinical Outcomes using therapy.

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