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Solace Wellness offers evidence-based mental health treatment provided by certified and licensed professionals, catering to both individuals and corporations.

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Nur Amni Aqilah
Nur Amni Aqilah
Clinical Psychologist
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Anna Ragu
Anna Ragu
Clinical Psychologist
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Ashwin Thind
Ashwin Thind
Clinical Psychologist
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Mental Health Therapy

Evidence-based methods to deliver private and group for your well-being

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Assessment & Screening

We assist you in discovering your mental health through diagnosis and screening

Culturally Specific Treatment
Corporate Focused Therapy

Comprehensive employee assistance program to address significant challenges

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Solace Wellness is one of Asia's leading mental health treatment provider.

Our team of expert and experienced clinicians - who treat patients from all over the world, would be able to assist you in acquiring a better quality of life.

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Therapy Online Kuala LumpurTherapy Online Kuala Lumpur

Heartfelt testimonials from our clients:

“Solace Wellness is brilliant and well worth the money. I should have joined Solace Wellness years ago. Having a therapist is so powerful and useful when you have chronic mental health issues.”

“Very loving and caring, Solace Wellness has helped me a lot with changing my lifestyle and being able to communicate with people.”

“The entire clinical staff is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The counselors focused on the deepest issues I had and came up with a personal plan for me to tackle them.”


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