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Mental Health EAP that is tailored made for your organization.

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Solace Wellness has the EAP
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Solace offers the most comprehensive employee assistance program in Malaysia. We start with all the traditional EAP counseling services designed to address significant life problems and we add Work/Life benefits to address the everyday problems involved in juggling work and family. But that’s not all.

We go one step further to deliver benefits designed to enhance quality of life not just for your employees, but for managers and supervisors, too.


We equip leaders from strategy through execution

Online Counselling is an intervention program designed to assist companies in addressing employee behavioural problems and psychological wellbeing virtually. The program serves as a proactive and preventive initiative by employers to help their employees to address the problems that potentially might have a serious impact on their work performance. EAP encompasses the following services:

  • Therapy and counselling
  • Support groups
  • Emergency hotline
  • Workshops and training

As with other health conditions, identifying substance abuse early can prevent employees and companies from incurring higher subsequent health and productivity costs. Employer substance abuse benefits and programs may include workplace policies, drug testing, employee education/health promotion, Employee Assistance Programs(EAPs), and health plan treatment coverage.

A good approach are brief therapies that are geared to providing patients with the tools to change their attitude toward themselves and their use of substances. Research shows that brief counseling for alcohol abusers leads to reduced alcohol consumption and reductions in adverse alcohol-related health outcomes. These therapies use the same techniques as long-term therapy, but are of shorter duration and lower cost, lasting typically between 6 and 20 sessions.


Why Solace EAP?

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