March 11, 2021

3 Reasons Why Mental Health Training is Needed in the Workplace

Mental Health Training teaches about common mental health conditions and how to identify potential signs and symptoms of these disorders in yourself or others, and helps reduce the stigma around mental health. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider providing Mental Health Training in your workplace!

1. Early Identification 

Mental Health disorders are often invisible and may go unnoticed to the individual themself. When employees are made aware of the symptoms, mental health conditions may be identified and thus treated sooner, before it negatively impacts work and life.  

2. More Supportive Workplace Environment

When employees are more familiar with mental health disorders, they tend to be more sympathetic to those who are experiencing a mental health condition. This can increase employee morale as everyone feels the support of their colleagues during a time in which they may be struggling.

3. Greater Productivity

When the stigma surrounding mental health disorders is reduced, employees are more likely to seek the help they need when faced with anxiety, stress, depression, or another mental health condition. Proper treatment and support can go a long way to allowing employees to function as members of the team and contribute to overall company productivity.