April 28, 2021

4 Reasons to Plan a Workplace Social

When you think about what drives business success, you often think about productivity measures, processes, systems, and employee competencies. You may be unlikely to think about the social interactions in your workplace as a driver of success and even less likely to put any emphasis on this factor in your quarterly review. But what if the relationships between employees and between management and employees were more intricately tied to the bottom line than you thought? Here are four reasons why you should seriously consider fostering social interactions in your company!

1. Increase Employee Engagement

One of the most basic human needs is to have a sense of belonging. When employees have this sense in the workplace, it actually motivates them to be more engaged in the work that they are doing. A Gallup study found that “employees with a best friend at work were seven times more likely to be engaged in their job responsibilities.” 

2. Improve Work Quality 

Not only are employees that have friends and a sense of belonging at work more likely to engage with their work, but they are actually shown to produce higher quality work! It seems that feeling connected and like you are working for the good of a group actually drives greater performance! 

3. Minimize Stress

Stress in the workplace is a very real concern. It is a leading cause of poor employee performance, mental health disorders, and low retention rates. If employees feel like they have close relationships in the workplace in which they can voice frustrations, receive advice, and feel understood, stress levels are likely to plummet leading to higher quality work, increased productivity, and greater enjoyment in their job!

4. Promote Good Physical Health

Not only does social interactions contribute to improved mental health, but it also positively impacts physical health as well. Interestingly enough, those with strong social ties are less likely to catch colds and even less likely to die of heart disease as opposed to those without strong social ties (Gallup). Even our perceived well-being is positively impacted when we feel valued and respected in social interactions. 

What is stopping you from planning an outing, luncheon, or celebratory party for your employees this week? If you are looking for a topic to foster open and honest dialogue in the workplace, consider mental health training as a way to connect and begin important conversations in your office today!