February 11, 2021

4 Things Employers Can Do To Improve Employee Mental Health and Increase Productivity

Stress is a big problem in our world today and the workplace can often be the source of much of that stress. Whether it is high work loads, relationships in the office, or bringing home stress to the office, employees may be spending more mental energy fighting the symptoms of stress and have less energy to put towards working at their full capacity. 

So what is an employer to do? Though you can’t possibly mitigate every stressors from every employee, here are a few ideas for encouraging good mental health in the workplace!

1. Provide stress management education

Learning how to identify the early signs of stress and learning compensatory strategies to deal with stressors are valuable skills. Providing this education for employees is a highly beneficial investment in employee wellbeing and productivity. 

2. Open Communication with Supervisors 

When employees are struggling with stress in the workplace and do not feel like they can talk to their supervisor about it, stress becomes compounded. Encourage management to have frequent check-ins with employees and to ask key questions to find our ways they can mitigate any potential stressors. 

3. Ensure adequate break time

A short break can make a big difference in productivity. Make sure employees take time to eat lunch, have time to chat with coworkers, or take a quick walk around the building in the afternoon sun. Whatever this looks like, employees will come back ready to focus better when blood is flowing, interactions are positive, and they have time for nutrition. 

4. Encourage Wellness

Physical health and mental health go hand in hand. When employees prioritize their physical health, mental health is positively affected too. Encourage exercise, foster healthy fitness competitions in the office, plan a group outing to a park on the weekend, or provide incentives for health insurance rates based on lifestyle choices.