January 29, 2021

5 Ways HR Departments Can Care For Their Employees Mental Well-Being

Amidst a year of uncertainties and hardships, stressors are all around us, both inside and outside of the workplace. Stress can lead to many mental health concerns including anxiety and depression and contribute to a wide range of physical health concerns as well. Though employers cannot possibly mitigate all potential stressors for their employees, there are some ways that human resource departments can care for the mental well being of their employees.

1. Cultivate a culture of support

If an employee is struggling with an issue but does not feel they can go to their supervisor with their concern, this can create further stress. Encourage managers to check in frequently with their employees and promote open communication regarding any concerns or issues in the workplace, without the fear of retribution. 

2. Promote mental health awareness

Mental health can greatly impact an employee’s physical health as well as their job performance. Providing training and resources on topics such as stress management and mindfulness can improve employee mental health, and may result in less sick days and greater productivity.

3. Encourage time off

Hours of vacation time go unused every year as employees feel they cannot take time off or fear repercussions. When management encourages employees to use their time off, they will inevitably return to work less stressed, more relaxed, and with renewed energy. 

4. Create a positive work space

Surroundings can have a great impact on the mental well-being of employees. Consider comfortable furniture, access to sunlight, and calming artwork when designing work environments. 

5. Provide access to support services

Two of the greatest stressors in life are finances and legal matters. Having access to professionals to receive advice related to retirement savings, monthly budgeting, or legal concerns can greatly reduce employee stress.