September 9, 2021

‍What is Solace Mental Health First Aid?

Solace Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a Solace professional-led training course that utilizes research-based approach based on the concept of human resilience. This training course aims to provide knowledge in managing stress symptoms and assistance in a healthy recovery ensuing atraumatic incident, natural disaster, public health emergency or a personal mental health crisis until professional help is available.

How Solace Mental Health First Aid Training Is Beneficial?

Increase confidence level in understanding how mental illness can affect a person’s life. Few people understand that mental illness can have a rippling effect on an individual and their circle, leading to broken relationships. Hence, understanding more about mental health, not only raises awareness regarding mental illness but also allows us to provide useful assistance to those affected in our families and society. Individuals who have not been personally afflicted by mental illness can learn about the symptoms, factors and preventative techniques; empowering them with the confidence to provide aid and help others.

Spot early warning signs

Detecting the early warning signs of mental illness can aid in the resolution of a crisis as knowing the signs-symptoms can help in assessing whether a situation requires assistance and when it is time to seek care. Those in need of mental health services are often overlooked until it is too late. So, the sooner someone obtains help and treatment, the better the chances of a positive outcome.

Reduce the stigma of mental illness

Due to the stigma associated with mental illness, people with mental illnesses are commonly ostracized, stereotyped or discriminated against. As a result, they tend-resort to conceal their issues and the symptoms which ultimately delays and hinders them from seeking support and getting treatment. Learning more about mental health could lead to abetter knowledgeable and accepting society; thus, de-stigmatizing discriminatory attitudes toward mental illnesses.

Prevent someone from hurting themselves

With more confidence and knowledge of early warning signs, it could effectively help in managing and preventing someone from getting aggressive and injuring themselves.

Why We Need Solace Mental Health First Aid Training?

Many are unaware of mental health problems

There has been a spike in mental health issues in Malaysia due to the unprecedentedCovid-19 outbreak. Most people are attempting to adjust to their new circumstances and norms. However, new environments might induce emotional frustrations and lead to people being unaware that they are exhibiting signs and suffering from mental health problems. Internal conflicts, hazardous or undesirable behavior may arise as a result of alack of insight. This training course is conducted by mental health professionals with the goal of raising awareness on the importance of mental health.

Professional help isn’t always available

Professional help is sometimes not readily available to assist and cater those who are in need of expert help as they may be preoccupied with other clients due to the surge of mental health cases. Thus, this training course can provide the knowledge necessary to help someone in need of first aid assistance until they have received proper professional treatment.

Few know how to respond

While some may be able to recognize that someone is developing or experiencing a mental health crisis, they may not know how to respond and intervene the person with the proper approach and treatment. Participants will get a better understanding of mental illnesses as well as suitable first aid coping strategies after completing this training course.

Those with mental health problems may not seek help

Due to the stigma concerning mental illness, those who are suffering may be hesitant to reach out and disclose their struggles for fear of being shunned and misunderstood by the public. This training course teaches the proper techniques on how to approach the person and encourage them to seek help.